Betty A. Gerich      Painting and Sculpture

Artist's Statement

My earliest art was inspired by the human figure moving in space. Of all the parts of the human figure, I have found that faces offer the greatest range of expressive possibilities. A face can reveal thoughts and intentions, moods and feelings. Faces in combination with gesturing hands, can tell a story about individuals, their identity and their relationships with others. Tenderness, intimacy, spirituality and confrontation are some of the themes I have explored.

Watercolor is a medium, which captured my attention as soon as I discovered that I love to draw using a brush. In addition to the figure, nature provides a wide range of new subjects to paint. Using watercolors I have discovered new avenues of expression emphasizing color and light, which were never considerations in making sculpture. These discoveries have made my recent artwork an adventure which keeps the spark of excitement alive in my latest creative work.


Clay has always had a special appeal for me because by shaping the clay with my hands, I can make it take on any shape. After many years of drawing the figure while working from a live model, the dynamic and expressive forms within the human body can be seen in my ceramic sculpture. My intention is to create swirling shapes with edges that travel around the form. Delicate textures are applied to the surface of the work and acrylic paint is used to create the final patina.






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