Betty A. Gerich      Painting and Sculpture

Chowder Lunch, 14" x 11", Watercolor

Angelo, 11" x 14", Watercolor

Annabelle, 14" x 11", Watercolor

Dead To The World, 14" x 11", Watercolor

Family Tree, 11" x 14", Watercolor

Animal Dreams, 14" x 11", Watercolor

Sniff Test 11"x14", Watercolor

Betty A. Gerich has had nine solo exhibitions of her sculpture, including a one person exhibition at The New Britain Museum of American Art. Her tenth one - person exhibition consisted of watercolor wash drawings of family members capturing individuals showing playfulness, closeness and warmth. She is an exhibiting member of Connecticut Women Artists and Gallery on the Green in Canton, Connecticut. Betty has received an Individual Artist Fellowship Grant Award from the Greater Hartford Arts Council. Her ceramic sculpture is featured in"500 Figures in Clay", a book published by Lark Books and "Best of America, Sculpture Artists and Artisans" as well as "Design Princuples and Problems" published by Holt Rinehart Winston.


Inspired by the expressive potential of the human body, Betty's art includes faces, which display emotion, and studies of the body emphasizing the gesture of the human form. Betty's most recent work includes watercolor paintings and wash drawings of people and subjects from nature.

A sculpture and a watercolor by Betty Gerich are on view at the Art Center Sarasota until January 24 - February 42, 2017. The Sculpture won first prize and the watercolor won honorable mention in this juried show.

One of Betty's watercolors are on view in the Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society exhibition at Art Center Manatee. January 4 - February 4, 2017




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